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Springfield XD Defenders Series 9mm 3" Pistol, Black

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Springfield Armory

Springfield XD Defenders Series 9mm 3" Pistol, Black - XDD9801HC

   Caliber: 9mm
   Barrel Length: 3”
   Overall Length: 6.25”
   Height: 4.75”
   Width: 1.2”
   Weight: 26 oz
   Slide Finish: Melonite
   Capacity: 13+1 (accepts full sized XD Magazines)
   Safety: Grip


The XD 3” Sub-Compact from Springfield Armory is designed to bring you the most in a concealed carry pistol. Its superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and astonishing capacity combine to put more into a concealable pistol than you will find anywhere else.

The XD 3" Sub-Compact has all the same features found in the standard XD line, but in a smaller package. The barrel is 3” and the frame is a short, compact size that will let the pistol nearly disappear when you carry it. Enjoy 13+1 rounds of 9mm with the included flush-fitting magazines. You’ll find everything on the XD 3” Sub-Compact that make Springfield’s XD’s easy to use and safe to handle. The striker status indicator, loaded chamber indicator, grip safety, Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System and internal firing pin block bring the safety and usability to the XD 3” Sub-Compact that you’re used to with every other XD.

If you’re looking for a concealable pistol, but don’t want to sacrifice capacity, reach for an XD 3” Sub-Compact. It’s an excellent choice for concealed carry, and it is equally in its element at the range.
  • Posted By GoatBoy
  • Posted 11/21/2020 4:13:00 PM EST
  • Brand Springfield Armory
  • Category Handguns