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Aero Precision Stripped AR-308 Lower Receiver - M5 - DPMS Cut

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  • Posted By: Spawn
  • Posted Date: 9/10/2020 2:41:00 PM EDT
  • Deal Type: Act Fast
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  • Category: Parts
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The Aero Precision M5 Stripped Lower Receiver has been machined to MIL-SPEC tolerances and finish ensure the highest quality receiver. For best results, complete this lower receiver using the Aero Precision M5 Lower Parts Kit (sold separately) It is specifically designed to work with the M5 Lower Receiver and includes custom takedown and pivot pins as well as an extended magazine catch button. The M5 grip tang has been machined for a nylon tipped upper tensioning screw. This screw allows any slack present when assembled with an upper receiver to be adjusted out for a tight fit.
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