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Olight PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumen Rechargeable Quick Release Ultra Compact Pistol Flashlight

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The Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumen Flashlight is designed with an adaptive mounting system to be compatible with the widest array of pistols possible. Specifically designed for low profile carry on smaller pistols, the Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie has dual switches that can be operated with either hand.

Lumens: 600
Style: Rail mounted pistol weapon light
Batteries: USB rechargeable
Color: Black

Pushing 600 lumens out of a light this size is no easy task, but the Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumen Flashlight light accomplishes this with ease thanks to its rechargeable battery powering an LED bulb. The Odin PL-Mini 2 also features magnetic recharging. Attach the magnetic charger to the exterior of the light where indicated and let it recharge itself. No need to remove it from your pistol before recharging. The Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkryrie can provide a minute of constant illumination at 600 lumens, and 60 minutes at 60 lumens.

Olight has a single goal: put a light in everyone's hands. They believe that no one should be left in the dark, and are dedicated to providing affordable lighting solutions to every consumer. Whether it's rifle, pistol, or handheld lights, Olight has a solution for you.
  • Posted By NvrBrdWes
  • Posted 9/29/2023 2:10:00 PM EST
  • Brand OLight
  • Category Lights