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Hesco Armor 400 Series 4400 Ballistic Insert - Level IV Multi Curve SAPI Cut - Large

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The Hesco Armor 400 Series is a line of armor plates designed to provide cost-effective protection in high-threat situations, such as active shooter scenarios.

All Hesco 400 Series armor plates employ Spectra® in their construction, a type of advanced composite armor material designed to provide the most effective ballistic protection possible. Spectra® is 15 times stronger than steel while having eight times the strength-to-weight ratio.

400 series armor
Level IV Armor
Multi-curve Design

The 400 Series Model 4400-SA-MC-L Ballistic Insert provides the wearer with Level IV rifle threat protection. This plate will stop the following:
All NIJ certified pistol-caliber threats (IIA, IIIA) up to .44 Magnum.
All NIJ certified shotgun threats, including 00 buckshot and 1 oz. slugs.
NIJ certified Level III rifle caliber threats, including 7.62×51mm NATO ball (M80, 6 hits)
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  • Posted 6/20/2023 12:01:00 PM EST
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