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Civilian Legal "Flash Bang" Reusable (Distraction Device)

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Civilian Legal "Flash Bang" Reusable (Distraction Device)
Introducing the Tactical Shit "Bang Can", a civilian legal "flash bang"  manufactured for Tactical Shit by Helius Engineering, for training,"distracting",or just for fun. These USA made distraction devices are absolutely amazing! Simply load a 12ga or 9mm blank or 209 primmer into the body, remove the pin, and toss.

Depending on the blank used, expect a bright flash, smoke, and approx 120-160db "bang" report once the device is tossed.

Did we mention these are reusable and sport the Tactical Shit Spartan Helmet? Yeah, flash bang out in style!!!
  • Posted By Joshuasaur
  • Posted 5/26/2023 12:47:00 AM EDT
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