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Strike Industries AR Ultimate Dust Cover for .223/5.56 - Texas Edition v1 - Black

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Strike Industries
Dust Doors on the AR-15/M16 platform are a barrier between the action and the elements, under constant spring pressure, the action of the bolt carrier reciprocating or being manually cycled the dust door will open up allowing ejection out of the door. During travel, the dust door can be closed and held in place with a captive detent holding it against a groove cut out in the upper receiver. Typically made from the same grade of aluminum that the upper receiver is made from, dust doors are a great way to protect the internals of your build!

About this Dust Door: The Strike Industries AR Ultimate Dust Cover for .223/5.56 - Texas Edition v1 is the ultimate way to show your state pride. The patent pending SI Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC) can easily attach and detach within 5 to 10 seconds. This design also includes an internal lip that improves sealing. It is crafted from Polymer Extreme material which means it is incredibly durable and reliable. Make your Texas Pride loud and clear with the Strike Industries AR Ultimate Dust Cover.

Material: Aluminum - This dust door is made from the same aluminum found on the upper and lower receiver of an AR-15.

Compatibility: Standard Size Upper Receiver Door

Color / Finish: Black W/ Texas markings.

Brand: Strike Industries
Model: AR Ultimate Dust Cover for .223/5.56 - Texas Edition v1 - Black
Platform: AR-15
Material: Polymer
Markings: Texas
Size: Standard
Color / Finish: Black
  • Posted By Joshuasaur
  • Posted 11/26/2022 5:16:00 PM EST
  • Brand Strike Industries
  • Category Parts