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Brownells Exclusive - Limited Run Geissele & SOLGW Upper Receiver 5.56

6% OFF
Limited Quantity Built By SOLGW - When They're Gone, They Are GONE!

The SOLGW / Geissele 13.7" upper receiver is the product of a unique, ONE-time collaboration between Sons of Liberty Gunworks, Geissele Automatics, and Brownells. The ONLY place you can get this unique AR-15 upper is here at Brownells as part of this year's Black Rifle Friday Event. It's built by SOLGW, starting with a Geissele Super Duty rifles mated to a special run of Geissele's MK8 rail. This 13" version of the MK8 M-LOK handguard has been produced solely for this project - you can't buy it separately anywhere. The 13.7" barrel (1-7" twist) chambered in 5.56 NATO plus ALL of the internal components are SOLGW parts, including the bolt-carrier group, gas block, mid-length gas tube, NOX muzzle device, and obsessive attention to detail in fit and finish. (The charging handle is a Radian Raptor.) The mid-length gas system makes for a pleasantly soft-shooting rifle, despite the short barrel length. The NOX is pinned and welded to the barrel to meet the NFA 16" minimum barrel requirement, so a completed gun doesn't have to be registered as an SBR. The NOX can also serve as a mount for a Sandman suppressor, and it is particularly good at reducing both flash signature and muzzle climb during rapid fire while NOT directing a lot of concussion back at the shooter.

Our "Black Rifle Friday" SOLGW / Geissele AR-15 complete upper comes with an M16-type bolt carrier, designed to handle full-auto fire so it's stronger than standard AR-15 carriers. The bolt is high-pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected (MPI) to ensure there are no hidden flaws that could lead to premature failure. The barrel has a tough black Nitride finish, while the receiver itself and MK8 rail are Type III Class 2 hardcoat anodized matte black. Standard -28 tpi muzzle threads, just in case you want to change the muzzle device.

This is frankly one of the finest complete upper receivers we've ever seen, and very modestly priced for everything you get. But we can't emphasize enough: this is a one-time production run. When these SOLGW / Geissele uppers are sold out, they are gone for good!
  • Posted By Stylz
  • Posted 11/26/2021 12:50:00 PM EST
  • Brand Brownells
  • Category Rifles