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2Pack/3Pack Bore Rope Brush

36% OFF
?Easy to Use?Cleans in 1 quick pass with cleaner! Pre-scrub solution can be applied first, Brushes then scrub the barrel; cleaning cloth cleans-up, and remaining length can apply any lubricant you wish - all in a single pass
?Lightweight and Compact?Easy to take, fits easily into your pocket, to assure it's always ready
?Effectively Cleaning?With multiple short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through the shortest action or port
?Quick Cleaner? This bore cleaner allows you to mount a bore brush directly to the cleaner itself, which allows for greater flexibility in cleaning; an easy and quick way of cleaning your barrels
?Package Included?Package included 2 cleaner, it is fit for .223/5.56mm
  • Posted By chopinbloc
  • Posted 11/26/2021 12:27:00 PM EST
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