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LYCAN Complete Billet 80% Receiver Set

LYCAN Complete Billet 80% Receiver Set
To ensure Mil-Spec compatibility, every LYCAN Complete Billet 80% Receiver set is inspected using state of the art digital probing systems and precision inspection gages.

Our LYCAN Billet 80% Lower Receiver comes standard with many features that other manufacturers consider extra or optional.  This starts with our precision machined, broached and flared magwells.  We make our magwells a point of focus.  It is important to have proper fitment to allow for rapid and consistent mag changes.  CLICK HERE for more information on how to complete your 80% Lower Receiver using our LYCAN AR-15 Lower Jig.

Our LYCAN Billet Upper Receiver also has several features that make it stand out from its competition.  Most important is the Reamed and Aligned Thru Bore.  We utilize digital in process probing to align the thru bore to the 1913 Picatinny Rail.  Through the use of a high precision reamer, we hold the thru bore to a tight tolerance.  This provides excellent barrel fitment and more reliable function.

Lycan standard features include:

Threaded bolt catch
Threaded rear detent hole
Oversized integral trigger guard
Machined Buffer Tower Threads
Ambidextrous Fire/Safe markings
Pre-Machined Rear Lug Pocket w/ Tensioning screw
Oversized Ejection Port-  Allows use with multiple calibers from 22LR up to .50 Beowulf. (Customer responsible for assembly of appropriate parts. )
Omitted Forward Assist-  Provides a cleaner look and weight reduction.  Also, with less moving parts there is less upkeep and maintenance.
Drilled and Reamed Takedown/Pivot Pin Holes-  Repeatable fitment to the lower receiver.
Brass Deflector- Not only stylish, but eliminates the need for a c-clip on the dust cover hinge pin.
These features eliminate the need for roll pins or special tooling when assembling your LYCAN Billet 80% Lower Receiver.  This allows for quicker assembly and customization, and also reduces the fear of damaging your components.

Shipping Restrictions: This item is restricted from shipping to New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois, Rhode Island, Washington, Massachusetts, and District of Columbia.  Check all state and local laws.  It is the buyers responsibility to be aware of all state and local laws.
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