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  • Posted By: GoatBoy
  • Posted Date: 1/4/2020 12:21:00 AM EST
  • Deal Type: Act Fast
  • Brand: Geissele Automatics
  • Category: Parts
  • Tags: Parts, AR-15
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G2S TRIGGER – The Geissele 2 Stage (G2S) semi-auto-only trigger drops into your AR-15 to give much of the performance and reliability of Geissele’s proven SSA trigger at an economical price. Features a 4½ lb. total pull weight, non-adjustable sear engagement, and a 2½ lb. first stage. Made of the same tool steel as the SSA with wire-EDM cut engagement surfaces. G2S uses a different method to retain the hammer pin, different pins, and lacks laser marking.

SPECS: Steel, black finish. Fits semi-automatic AR-15/M16 receivers with .154" diameter hammer and trigger pin holes. May be installed on AR-style .308 rifles that accept AR-15 triggers. Kit includes trigger and hammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, tube of grease, and installation instructions.
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