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What is an Undocumented Immigrant?

Blog Post

Most of us have heard the phrase "Undocumented Immigrants" used throughout the media, or in conversation. So what exactly is an undocumented immigrant?

To put it in as simple terms as possible, there is no such thing. Much like the liberally created "assault weapons" label they throw around to describe any firearm that scares them, this has become the liberal way to describe an Illegal Alien. The point is obvious, to remove the illegal designation from the term and soften it for everyday Americans.

Why would the media want to do this? Well, it alters the reality of the situation enough to make folks feel badly for them. See, they have not done anything illegal, they just do not posses the proper documentation needed. They are important, innocent, and worst of all, hunted down by these evil ICE officers. The reality of the situation is that they have broken the laws of this nation and are subject to deportation. To be clear, I understand the plight of many folks who sneak into the country, and I feel for them, but that still does not excuse them of wrong doing.

*image from fox news

So folks in the media also seem to feel that our borders should be wide open to anyone, since this is the land of opportunity. What they fail to grasp is that most of us want immigration to continue, but we feel that our borders should be open to anyone who LEGALLY enters the country. If you want to plead your case that our borders should be wide open, then remove any doors and fences from your home and see how long that works for you. At some point in time you will need to create a system which allows you to decide who can, and can not, enter your home. We all know this, as it is not a difficult lesson to learn. Then again, you could just call them Undocumented House Guests and feel better about it.

Posted: 3/16/2017 4:44:01 PM
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