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Forum Tools

1 Forum Tools

You can now access your Forum Tools from any page on AR15.COM via the Forum Tools icon at the top left of every page, underneath the logo. The Forum Tools menu includes:

  • The most Active Topics
  • The Newest Topics
  • Topics you are subscribed to (Subscriptions)
  • Topics you have started (My Topics)
  • Your current Equipment Exchange listings (My EE Listings)
  • Your personalized list of Forums (My Board)
  • Forum Search
  • The AR15.COM Archives

Forum Menu

2 Discussion Forums

You can access all of the main Disccusion Forums with one click from the Discussion Forums drop down menu. This menu is always accessible on every page - and can be found on the mobile menu on tablets and phones.

Firearm Resources

3 Firearm Resources

The new Firearm Resources menu contains our main news feed (Firearm News), a feed for our YouTube Videos, and more. The Firearm Resources menu was designed to give you easy access to AR15.COM's library of firearm knowledge including Guides & Manuals, the new Range Finder, Product Reviews, and more.

Equipment Exchange

4 Equipment Exchange

You can access the EE by clicking directly on the Equipment Exchange tab on the main menu. We have also included an Equipment Exchange Overview which displays your feedback, your current EE Listings, and some of the Newest Listings that have been posted throughout the Equipment Exchange.

Account Panel

5 Account Panel

Once you are logged into AR15.COM you have one-click access to your entire account through the Account Panel located in the top right of the site. This panel also includes your Instant Messages and the ability to Logout of the site.

Sticky Bar

6 Sticky Bar

New to AR15.COM is the Desktop Sticky Bar. Once a user has scrolled passed the mini banners at the top of the page, the entire header will collapse into a smaller bar that will be anchored to the top of your screen. This allows one-click navigation to all Discussion Forums, Forum Tools, and all of your account settings located in the Account Panel at the top right.

Mobile Menu

7 Mobile Menu

AR15.COM is now responsive. When viewed on a tablet or smart phone, the entire website will respond to your devices display and show accordingly. This includes collapsing the header and menu into a "Hamburger" located to the top left of the site. This Mobile Menu gives you access to the entire site including all Discussion Forums, Firearm Resources, and your Account Settings.

Posted: 12/1/2016 4:47:36 AM
Tags:  Community, Homepage
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