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Welcome To The New AR15.Com!

Blog Post

First off, here's a link to a quick help file that should address a lot of the "where is this now" type questions.

Quick Help Guide

A couple years ago we started planning for this new site. It typically does not take us that long to complete this type of work, but with all the chaos pulling us in different directions, I am actually surprised we got things done at all!

Most people out there hate change, they don't like to have to learn where things get moved to and they don't like things to be different. What we ask for is to give things a chance and to be patient with us, as nothing is ever final and things are always being worked on. So if there are things that don't work, they will be fixed. If there are things that just don't feel right, then odds are they will be changed. If there are things missing, it's most likely they are on the list for completion. We had almost 1000 people testing the site in Beta through various groups we created to help us out and while there are items still missing, and adjustments to be made, things are at a point where it was time to make the site public.

There will be a "help" based discussion in the forums and will be based on the link shared above. Not only will I be there to help answer questions, but folks from the testing group will assist in pointing you in the right direction. (You can typically find our posts in the news section of the General Community.) This article was just my way of welcoming everyone and getting some content started. Pleas keep in mind that this "firearm news" section will be actively used to pass on our thoughts, present new products, and in the near future to allow companies, or writers, to share their experiences and knowledge.

So we hope you enjoy things and can rest easy with the knowledge that our goal is to continue to work on the site to make it the best place to share your firearm passion.

Posted: 11/30/2016 6:25:23 AM
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