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Where can I get some M995 AP?


Unless you are in the military, you probably can't. This ammo is a fairly new item that is rare even in the military, as it is considered a "special issue" item. It is illegal for licensed dealers to sell AP ammo (except M2) to civilians and no components are available for reloading.

It will probably be many years before any M995 ammo is "demil'ed" (demilitarized, meaning disassembled) and components released. That's assuming AP bullets are still legal to possess as components at that time.

Be careful of scams. One of the authors has personally seen vendors selling Bosnian SS-109 ammo, which uses black tips instead of the more common green, as "armor piercing", implying that it is M995. It isn't. Another vendor was selling stripper clips (10 rounds) of US-made M855 with black-painted tips (likely painted by the vendor himself) for $5/clip. This vendor also heavily implies that this is M995, though I don't believe either vendor is familiar with that designation. Be very careful before spending your hard-earned cash...

M995 Black Tip Ammo

Some M995 "Black Tip"

  • The 5.56 AP round penetrates 12mm armor plate of 300 HB at 100 meters.
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