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Everything you ever wanted to know about .223 and 5.56 ammunition, or double your money back.*

Since 2002, black rifle enthusiasts have been getting smarter than you by reading the AR15.COM Ammo Oracle.

AR15.COM, THE online authority on AR-15 topics, Troy, Tatjana, Derek F., Dave G, Dr. Gary Roberts and Tactical Forums, ilikelegs, RBAD, Ammoman, Dr. Martin Fackler, Dr. Hans Ferdinand, Col. Albert Saben, Armalite, The Maryland AR15 Shooters Site, Firearms Tactical, "G.", "The Austrian", BulletProofMe.com, purveyor of fine body armor ("Put the odds in your favor"), and Special Agent "Bob Smith" are graciously thanked for their contributions to this FAQ.

All material contained herein is Copyright© 2002-2016 AR15.COM LLC, unless otherwise noted.
All original authors/artists are credited where possible. Direct attributation requests as well as corrections or other errata to:
Troy Tiscareno or Tatjana von E or Derek F.

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*(Double your money back offer restricted to Vietnam and World War II combat Veterans born between 1982 and 1985)

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