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havoc1969  [Member]
well here is a pic of my fal I set up as a nice practical rifle for medium range...

Started life as a ex grade SA kit, with a DSA type II reciever and DSA extreme duty top cover. I cut down the barrel to para length, target crowned it and threaded it, to accept the belgian flashider. Eotech 552 optic with a MUM pvs-14 nv behind it. As soon as my cheekpad and monoloc come in, it will be sporting a TA01NSN ACOG with the pvs-14 behind it...

Enjoy, I know I do!!
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FALna45  [Member]

Originally Posted By havoc1969:
a nice practical rifle for medium range...

Ekie  [Team Member]

Originally Posted By sixgunsblazing:
My new beater project

Nice, that is more my style there.
EricCartmanR1  [Team Member]
Picked up this beauty locally. It's used DSA SA58. It was clean and in excellent condition. Probably overpaid at $1300 but I had to have it... and you know how it goes when you have to have something. What is unique about this weapon:

1) A2 flash suppressor
2) No carry handle
3) No front sling mount
4) Para stock (ok this is not unique but still a little different)

Found out after the fact that this is a metric one (thanks to your guy's help). Also thanks to everyone for that link to get those 10 mags.

I can't afford a real ACOG yet so I bought a 1x ACOG laser dot knock-off from Ebay, and bought a DSa mount... both on the way.

sobrbiker883  [Team Member]
Nice rifle.
The only time you ovrpay is when you are not happy with what you got for what you paid, screw everyone else.
Wolf_Spyder  [Member]
I second that.

If your happy, who cares what others think. It's your rifle.

Begin ranting...

Hell, that might be why the Devorce rate is so high. Everybody is so busy listening to other people tell them how there marriage should be, or how they should dress, or how they should look, or how they should feel. If your wife is not perfect... who cares, as long as she makes you happy. If you like your rifle, great, good for you. Be happy with your equipment. Don't let someone else make you think less of it. If the Cheap ACOG look-O-like works, then it was a good deal. I get a little pissed when I go to the range with my firearms and the guy in the next booth makes a comment about my $29.oo Red Dot sight. "What? didn't want to spend $350.oo for a real Aim Point ML2 or a real E.O. Tech ?". Stupid morons should be happy that one more Pro-gun citizen is on the range practising with a useful tool, and not sitting at home watching, The VIEW or OPRAH.

Rant Off...
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fnfal_308  [Member]
Awesome thread! Just want to add mine for the record, even though I already posted it in its own thread:

GySgtD  [Team Member]
From another angle:

geerhed  [Member]

Originally Posted By Winston_Wolf:

Thanks for the new desktop.

Originally Posted By themadhatter:

Love the Noveske!
EricCartmanR1  [Team Member]
Pics of me with my FAL and other gear

BushmasterGuy77  [Member]

Originally Posted By EricCartmanR1:
Pics of me with my FAL and other gear

AndrewB  [Team Member]

Pretty good Eric.
Lumpy196  [Team Member]

Originally Posted By Shawnr1:
New funiture and MeOpta Meostar R1 1-4x22 - RD.

gaspain  [Team Member]

Originally Posted By EricCartmanR1:
Pics of me with my FAL and other gear

thats funny as hell
Salmonaxe  [Member]

I'm suprised at how light this carbine is.
SURGE  [Member]
very nice!
Shawnr1  [Team Member]
Da_Bunny  [Team Member]

Century/Imbel R1A1.
Melvinator2k0  [Member]
Same as above lol.

fnfal_308  [Member]
Wood is good!

fnfal_308  [Member]
FAL's and AR's...they're like my children.

Hawkeye  [Team Member]

Originally Posted By Shawnr1:

Seriously liking it.
Salmonaxe  [Member]

Originally Posted By Shawnr1:

That's pretty much as badass as you can make a FAL. I like it!
Trumpet  [Team Member]

Just took it out today for it's maiden voyage. Hitting the 200 yard gong offhand was ridiculously easy.
GrabMyWrist  [Team Member]
I won this FAL off Auction Arms for $630.00.

I also ordered this little baby today for the FAL.

It's a Trilux SUIT Sight with 7.62 CAM and includes the illumination unit for $265 shipped.
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