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AR-15 Brand Comparison Chart
budam  [Member]

Originally Posted By garandman:
I have an Oly "Maxhard" lower on one of mine.

I beleive they still offer this.

Yes they do. I have more of them coming in right now.
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budam  [Member]
For DPMS, you need to add note 6 to the twist rates. DPMS offers various...
pathfinder74  [Team Member]
Have you ever done/considered doing a chart of which brand/grain/caliber (.223 vs 5.56mm) from best to worse should be put through the various brands of rifles?

I would love to see somethinglike that, or if anyone can recommend an idiot's version of what I am talking about,let me know.


Eaker  [Member]

You list some as .223 and some as 5.56 and some as .223/5.56.

What is the difference?

pathfinder74  [Team Member]
I believe .223/5.56 is a Wylde Chamber, right guys?

Quote from the FAQ:
"Some AR manufacturers use an in-between chamber spec, such as the Wylde chamber. Many mis-mark their barrels too, which further complicates things. You can generally tell what sort of chamber you are dealing with by the markings on the weapon, but always check with the manufacturer to be sure."

This is from an FAQ about RRA Wylde Chmaber:

budam  [Member]
Hey Troy,

Sent you email about Oly being anodized twice via email. Is it not working? Let me know if you need anything else in updating table.
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stator  [Member]
Bushmaster buys barrel blanks and turns, chambers them. I believe Jarrod stated this several years ago here. I would expect only Colt makes the barrel from raw stock. Even then, they probably contract for the blank too.
texashark  [Team Member]
Troy, great post.
And... I see a lot of Colt envy here. Why bash some one else unless you're insecure about your own weapon(s).
And btw, I own Colt, Bushy, E.A., and DPMS, so it ain't just Colt loyalty. They all make great weapons. Except hesse.
Now I want/need an Armalite.
DPMSouthpaw  [Member]
Just a quick note that DPMS also makes a left-handed model of the AR-15. Nice Chart
Belial  [Team Member]

Originally Posted By QuanticoArms:
Because (choose one)
A. They can't build accurate rifles?
B. They don't understand the market?
C. They're always bankrupt, so can't produce another model?
D: ???? ---> Come up with your own

Originally Posted By ECS:
I wonder why Colt doesn't make a DCM/CMP rifle?

Now that is funny!!!!!!!!!!
jtb33  [Team Member]
RobarSR60  [Member]

Originally Posted By ECS:
Troy, nice chart.
I wonder why Colt doesn't make a DCM/CMP rifle?

They do...Colt service rifle
FED-up  [Member]
Isn't Vagasil what Dianne Feinstein (who has a CCW Permit) uses to lube her handgun? What a woman of the people.

It's not that they put themselves above the law (as they do) but the arrogance of putting themselves above the people is the source of the outrage.

They'll tell you their job is to govern the people if you ask the question correctly, bedcause that's what they believe. They're devoid of the concept that their job is to govern the United States Government, on behalf of the American People of the States they represent.

How did we let them turn that into collecting revenues from all the States to redistribute them to the People of their own State's, for the purpose of exploiting that tool in securing their election to, or perptuating their overstay (see Robert Bird, Strom Thurmond, etc.) in their respecting legislative bodies?

Now stop fighting and FOCUS. Or we're going to be using that chart for toiltet paper.
PhatForrest  [Member]
I'll just keep buying bushmasters, thank you very much. But a good resource nonetheless.

Buy Bushmaster!
danonly  [Team Member]

Originally Posted By texashark:
Troy, great post.
And... I see a lot of Colt envy here. Why bash some one else unless you're insecure about your own weapon(s).
And btw, I own Colt, Bushy, E.A., and DPMS, so it ain't just Colt loyalty. They all make great weapons. Except hesse.
Now I want/need an Armalite.

How about downright colt hatred? ps in case you didn't notice, they don't give a rats ass about what you want in a gun. I hope they just go away.

lessee- messed up the takedown pins. (isn't that enought?) use plastic buffers now. did that wacky "block" in the trigger well so all us evil gun owners can't use a legal dias.

ohh, before i forget, how bout the rip-off price? I think colt considers regular consumers just like the government- don't know what we want, are willing to pay twice what it is worth and what other companies make them for, etc etc.

don't ever accuse me of colt envy- they don't have anything i want!

IndianChris  [Member]
Howdie - As a newcomer, where might one learn about the various terminology used in Troy's chart above and what the pros/cons are to the variations? Any websites, books, etc...?
Troy  [Site Staff]
Start by going through the following forums, reading all of the posts tacked to the top, and follow the links inside and read those too. Then, as you have time, try to read back about a month's worth of post in each forum. If you still don't have your answer, pick the appropriate forum and ask. We'll be happy to answer.

- AR Discussion
- Ammo
- Mags
- Rifles, Uppers, Lowers, Etc.

POF-USA  [Member]

Nice list. Very informative for someone that is looking to buy a weapon. Do you know the selling prices for each company?


(Weighs 45% Less and Cost 42% less)
P35FAN  [Member]
I need some input on AR`s. When I pick one up I will probably buy surplus ammo at the local shows. Which rate of twist is best for most milspec ammo? I see mainly DPMS and Rock River at the Dallas shows, how do they stack up side by side? It will be used mainly for casual shooting, I want something between the 22RF`s & 30-06`s I currently have. All advise appreciated, thanks. DAVE
Troy  [Site Staff] should answer your twist-rate questions.

Operator2  [Member]
Between DPMS and RRA, I'd have to suggest Rock River. Great quality gun, plus they just secured a DEA contract (not that that's saying much), their prices ain't too bad either. I'm still a Bushmaster man though... -Op
glock281  [Member]
Nice List.
Thanks for the work
brasspile  [Team Member]
The chart isn't showing up for me right now.

Did the photoserver upgrade "unlink" it? Or is it just me?

CJan_NH  [Team Member]
A clarification on Colt's warranty:
Buddyman  [Team Member]
Ha! Hesse Arms doesn't even have a website!

How hard is it these days to get web hosting? They must be in some kind of trouble, or run by a bunch of fat rednecks that smell like cigarette smoke and have a filthy workplace.

You know what I'm talking about.
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