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stock change on a SLR95
RAH  [Member]
I'm looking to change out the stock on my Bulgarian SLR95. I already have a RedStar trigger group on its way. And plan on using a Ultimak forward scope mounting base. So this should be more than enough as far as US parts go.

I would like to use one of the OD stock sets from K-Var. Would this be just like changing stocks out on Maddis and SAR1s. Are something different all together.

If not whats needed.
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CAMPYBOB  [Site Staff]
your bulgarian is a milled receiver ak-47 and will only accept buttstocks designed for the milled receiver.

also, unless your slr-95 is one of the aftermarket modified ones, it came with a thumbhole stock. this version necessitated the deletion on the lower buttstock tang...which is necessary for the proper installation of the military type buttstock.

to install the lower tang, it must be riveted in a slot on the bottom/rear of the receiver. some slr-95's have the slot pre-machined into the receiver and some do not.

after installing the lower tang, it's a simple matter of sliding the new buttstock in place and installing the screws thru the tangs and into the stock.
RAH  [Member]
Thanks for the help so far, but if you do'nt mind I have a few more questions.

Where would one find the lower tang for sale. And would you happen to know the how to's. In making the slot.

CAMPYBOB  [Site Staff]
the tang and rivet are available from k-var.

have you pulled off your t-hole to see if yours is missing the slot, yet?

by positioning your new buttstock iton the receiver to full depth you can see exactly where the lower tang has to be positioned.

the slot is best done with a die grinder or dremel tool...if you can't get access to a milling machine.

the slot can be scribed on the receiver after positioning the tang. dremel out the rough depth and width of the slot. then flatten the bottom and square off the sides with a sharp file.

drill the rivet hole. again, use the tang in the slot as a drilling guide.

touch uo all bare metal with cold blueing solution from brownells.

the first time around, allow 3 hours to do the entire job. with a mill it only takes about 1/2 hour.

just go at it slowly and take your time. the receiver steel is pretty hard and will require patience to remove the material.
norman74  [Team Member]
Any way to tell if I've got the slot or not from the SN or anything?
I've never even managed to get the stock off of the damn gun, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Are the screws just tight? reverse threaded?
CAMPYBOB  [Site Staff]
the stock must be removed in order to check for the prescence of the slot.

the buttstock screws are standard right hand threading. exerting constant downforce on the screwdriver while turning will break them loose.

be certain to use correctly sized screwdrivers of high quality!
njogi  [Member]

There is no slot on my SLR 95. If you mean the slot for lower butt tang.

Infact, I was about to send mine to Global trades for the conversion, because I wanted the lower Tang installed on it and also the US Gas pistol put on, as U suggested that is was cheaper to have it done, when I quoted the price.

US gas changed for $12 + price of US gas piston($19)

Lower Stock Tang installed on milled receiver for $20 + Tang parts ($9).

That's really cheap for the amount of labour work done.

I just stop short sending mine in as I had bought ACE Stock + us parts in 1999. I did not like the US FSE trigger and hammer feel after installation.

So I decide not send and use money to buy RED Star Trig. Kit and replacement plate hook for Sherpard hook; So I kept the ACE stock and Pistol grip. Hence did not have to have the Lower tang installed with ACE Stock and since I have a factory Muzzle break, I need the 6th US part, I will either send in the Carrier to them to install the US gas pistol, or use the US made follower or Mag plate to switch out on the MAGs (these count as 2 US parts). ACE sells a set of 4 or 5 for $20.

Norman74, you can buy the Bulg. made Stock (Wood or plastic) and US pistol grip from Global and the US gas piston and have them install the Lower TANG and Gas Piston on the Bolt Carrier, Inform them you installed the RED star Trigger SEt. and will install the Butt stock and Pistol Grip.

The factory muzzle brake works great, but it can be also changed out for Slant one with extra cost - But have them do it as I think the removal will probably destroy the original. They say they return all original parts to you.
Hope this helps.

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JIMBEAM  [Member]
Can't the Ironwood stocks be installed on an SLR-95 without the lower tang?
Templar  [Team Member]
Yes, Ironwood makes a stock set for rifles without the lower tang.

These instructions are for guys who want the "real" military look with a military stock set.
akjunkie  [Member]
Milled Ak only has need 5 US parts. i also have a bulgaraina slr95 with ace kit.

1. ACE stock
2-4) trigger, disconnector, hammer from Tapco
5) OD green pistol grip from Kvar

6) OD green upper/lower Kvar handguards (Optional)
IronBack  [Member]
I just ordered the K-VAR US grip and stock and the RSA trigger kit for my SLR-95. (K-VAR triggers are backordered BTW) That gives me 5 parts without having to pin a suppessor on it. Before I have to bother Campy, does anybody know which way the rivets on the tang kit go? Rivet head inside or outside? Should I hot rivet or peen over cold? TIA.

PS. I am lucky, my SLR has the milled slot for the tang.
okguy91  [Member]
that is funny i changed my sa 93 with a with out a lower tang with a kvar od green stock i had to beat the stock in the rifle if i had left the top srew out i could still use as a club some one stock don't need no lower tang and never will
atak61  [Member]
I just bought a SLR-101S milled AK with green stock set but I hate that short skinny but.
Does anybody know if I can get a matching but only a bit longer? Also would like to know where to find ACE stock and who has the best prices on Rusky scopes.
socandyman  [Member]
heres my slr-95 with lower tang and nato us stock
Templar  [Team Member]
Lookin' good!!
gsd2053  [Member]
I have a SA93. I want to put a folder on it. Who sells milled folders. Anyone.
socandyman  [Member]
i think you would have to buy a folder for a stamped and cut it down to fit (prob not an easy task)
Mateomasfeo  [Member]
I am in the middle of converting my SLR95. I'm using the Ironwood walnut stock.

I'm not sure what the previous poster meant by "miltary look not Ironwood," but it looks exactly like the military stocks, and I am finishing the wood myself. My receiver had no lower tang and no milled spot for one. I opted for the Ironwood stocks because it's monting system does not require a lower tang and I could finish it to taste. There is special hardware for mounting it and I can put the original Arsenal Butt Plate back on.

Mine has the factory muzzle break. How hard is it to remove?

I'll post before and after pics when I'm done.



6530  [Team Member]
Tag - I'm thinking about one of the Ironwood stocks.
DTakas  [Member]
I also would like to replace the thumbhole stock on my SLR 95 with a military style stock and pistolgrip. Sorry to ask such a newbie question but I keep noticing people talking about the amount of American parts on their rifle dictating the legality of a pistolgrip stock change. Can someone inform me of the specifics of this matter of point me in the right direction so I can find out for myself. Also, would this still be an issue since the weapons ban has expired?
Templar  [Team Member]
The 94 AWB has expired, but the 1989 ban on imported "assault rifles" is still in effect, so basically you have to make your SLR-95 an "American" rifle with the replacement of certain parts.

You can't have more than 10 imported parts on your rifle or it's considered foreign.

When you change your stock set, use a US made buttstock and pistol grip, and then a US made hammer, trigger, and sear and you're OK with your parts count.

Hope that helps.
DTakas  [Member]
I did some looking on this topic. I found this at


ยง 178.39 Assembly of semiautomatic rifles or shotguns.

(a) No person shall assemble a semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun using more than 10 of the imported parts listed in paragraph (c) of this section if the assembled firearm is prohibited from importation under section 925(d)(3) as not being particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.

(c) For purposes of this section, the term "imported parts" are:

(1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings
(2) Barrels
(3) Barrel extensions
(4) Mounting blocks (trunions)
(5) Muzzle attachments
(6) Bolts
(7) Bolt carriers
(8) Operating rods
(9) Gas pistons
(10) Trigger housings
(11) Triggers
(12) Hammers
(13) Sears
(14) Disconnectors
(15) Buttstocks
(16) Pistol grips
(17) Forearms, handguards
(18) Magazine bodies
(19) Followers
(20) Floorplates

Can someone tell me exactly which items on this list are on an SLR 95 I am toying with removing the pin on muzzle break and threading the barrel. If I do that does that give an American part for the muzzle attachment. Also would the ultimak gas tube/scope rail effectively replace anything on the list either?
Templar  [Team Member]
If you want a foreign muzzle device, here's what you'll have to replace with US parts.

Gas piston
Pistol Grip

The Ultimak rail does not count as a US part towards the ultimate parts count.
Mateomasfeo  [Member]

I changed mine. For step by step of how I did it with pics, see this thread:

Ironwood Replacement of SLR95
__JT__  [Member]
james_black  [Member]
Hello there brothers:

First time here. I have been wanting to change the stock of my Slr for quite some time. I notice that you guys have information on how to do it. I can tell you right now I dont have the tools or patience to do this myself. I want a underfolding stock.

Question. Is it any place where I can send my rifle and have a folding stock installed on it?? How much also.

I thank you guys in advance.


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