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Ammunition review - PMC
endoh  [Member]
i bought a few cases when i got my ars in the late 90s. three are reserve. one supplies and resupplies brass for target work. oh, yeah, anybody else remember railing when this ammo went to $4 per box? it's consistently 1.5" ammo out of my armalite and bushmaster and iirc out of my former dr200.
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FPembleton  [Member]
I just bought two cases of PMC Bronze .223 to try it out, and because it's cheaper than Winchester white box. It looks like 5.56 from the outside, but it's marked .223 on the headstamp and on the packaging. Does anyone know if they simply reduced the charge so that it would be safer to fire through .223 chambered rifles?
NAK  [Team Member]
Is MOBarn considered a minor or major problem?

I bought a couple of boxes of PMC Bronze 55g FMJ-BT. Took it out plinking and it cycled fine in my Bushmaster OSR, so I bought a case. Next trip to the range, I have trouble with my EOTech...or so I thought. From the bench, I was getting 2" groups at 50 yards with quite a few fliers that were several inches out.

Put a scope on the Bushy and took 6 different types of ammo to the range. End result was that the PMC Bronze came out much worst than even Wolf steel case; mainly because of the fliers

I put 25 rounds of the PMC downrange at 100 yards. Only one 5-shot group was under 2.5". The other 4 groups had fliers, the worst flier about 7" from POA.

In comparison, the worst of four groups of Hornady V-Max was 1.2". The Wolf steel case groups were about 3", with no fliers.

Maybe my gun just does not like the PMC, maybe it was a "bad batch" of ammo, but either way I will not be buying any more .223 PMC.
Shawnmt6601  [Team Member]
good stuff. I have shot hundreds of rounds of it with no problems. and the brass I have gotten from shooting it made great loads in reloading. I cant say anything bad
JM1911  [Member]
This is not the 5.56 from the 90s. This is .223 power ammo. Having said that it is good ammo. Not one issue in over 1k rounds thru several carbines. Accuracy could be better,but it is a 55gr. fmj. It averages less than 2800fps out of my carbines. So it definately is not 5.56 pressure.
surfinguru  [Member]
First 100 rounds down the pipe on my Stag upper was PMC Bronze. (ROK manufactured, Lot 223-0361) No issues at all. Found it for $6.99 a box at the local sporting goods just down the street, and with the way ammo prices are going, I picked up about 800 rnds. If I could afford it, I would've bought more. Figure it's better than Wolf, great for plinking and I can keep the brass for reloading.
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BurkeC  [Member]
I bought a case of PMC to stash away and an additional box of 20 to chrono. I forget the numbers, but it is much slower than LC. The gun store guy let me trade the case back in for some LC and pay the difference in price.

If I remember correctly, I concluded that the fragment distance for my 16 inch Bushy with PMC was only about 100 yrds. With the LC, it's more like 175 yrds.
slosh  [Member]
I have shot 1k rounds through my Stag Model 2L with no problems what so ever. I recommend this ammo to anyone for target shooting and just plinking.
Clinebo  [Member]
I just bought a DPMS rifle and 1k rounds of PMC ammo.The DPMS website lists ammo not to use and why they don't like certain brands.I asked about PMC and they said it was the only one out of the 3 I mentioned that they would use. The other 2 were Wolf,and Silver Bear. No problems at all so far with it.
NastyStang113  [Member]
Please add your personal experience with PMC ammunition to this thread. When you do, please give information about:
1) Ammunition used
2) Firearm used in
3) Approximate number of rounds fired.

1. PMC Bronze .223
2. RRA Entry Tactical LAR15 16" & Tactical Innovations BDX15 + LMT 16"
3. 1,000+ with zero problems, cleans up well and shoots great.

Originally Posted By Venkman:
Natchez has the best deal on PMC as far as I've seen.

Bud's has the best price I've seen.
msprooch  [Team Member]
Ive been though 100 rounds, and I will keep buying it.

I don't know how accurate it is because we were killing pumpkins...they all hit from 50 yards if that helps.
vwynn  [Member]
Fired a few PMC rounds. All went bang.

Everything Fired
Everything Cycled
Everything Ejected
Everyones happy =]

Will buy more! hopefully 1000 round box.
Dogue  [Team Member]
I recently ran some PMC at 50 and 100 yards along side XM193 and Federal BP223. All shot perfectly with the XM193 and BP223 being a little more consistant, but the PMC was still GTG.
I'd buy it for the right price.
Wizz  [Member]
I bought up a whole bunch of the .223's the hottest off the shelf .223 I've shot, good stuff, I really like it.
fAR15aim  [Member]
Looking for some all around swiss army knife type ammo for a 16" 1/9 DPMS Dissapator. Would this be good for mostly for plinking & maybe the occasional varmint (bobcat & coyote) inside of 200 yds? Also, will PMC Bronze pass the magnet test?
whick1  [Member]
It is as good as any I hav eused and a whole lot cheaper not a single problems with at least 2500 rounds of PMC shot
fdkay  [Member]
Has anyone actually chronoed the 223A load? I've got some myself, but no chrono. I'd be very interested in the average velocities.
valor19  [Member]
Good for reloading? Anyone know what primers they use?

I was thinking of picking some up (as it's cheapest .223 in my area) but decided I'm only going to start buying stuff worth reloading.
cableexpress  [Team Member]
I have run over 8000 rounds of PMC threw my four AR's over the years and have never had any problems with it (55gr FMJ).
The_Gooch  [Team Member]
I shot this stuff years ago when it was in the old white/red packaging. I used it in my old Ruger Mini-14 Ranch rifle. Probably 1000rds total of 55gr FMJ, and it was always reliable and seemed powerful. Accuracy was about typical for the Mini-14, which was mediocre.
Alohakid  [Member]
For some reason, thought I'd posted a comment on PMC however, cant find's hell getting old!...been shooting Seka (name I gave my carbine) for 3 months and it sure likes problems here.
phoenix27  [Member]
I've shot some PMC 223A thru a bunch of Colt and Bushy 20s and 16s. It's defintiely a slower .223 load and not the hotter 5.56mm stuff. I've found the accuracy is average-to-crappy with occasional fliers. This ammo is a step above woof poly steel for me and I won't waste my $ on it if other ammo alternatives are available. After shooting many thousands of rounds of .223/5.56mm ammo thru a dozen different AR platforms, I have gravitated to using either Fed XM193 for plinking and SHTF ammo and Prvi 75-gr OTM for competitive shoots and any hunting, based on available 2009 ammo choices.
todd1013  [Member]
500 rds of 55gr FMJ through a Stag Model 1. Maybe 1 or 2 FTF but otherwise no problems.
g8rgunner  [Member]
I've put about 400 rounds thru my M&P15T in the last few months without a problem of any kind.
aimtrue  [Member]
In January 2009 I purchased 1200 rounds of PMC .223 55gr FMJ-BT ammo from Cabela's.

I have used 150 rounds each month since then through my Bushmaster XM-15.

The PMC has been consistent without a failure, fairly clean and accurate.

The price was on the low end of the scale when compared to other .223 FMJ-BT ammo on the market.

I am well satisfied with PMC and will buy it again.
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