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July 1, 2004
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America was founded by tough Hell-Raisers that evaded taxes, grew tobacco, smuggled weapons, brewed spirits, and stood against tyranny.
And it will take this type of citizen to save it.
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There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice...Fuck the New American Gestapo and it's boot-licking cronies.

Republicans wondering , Democrats blundering , Libertarians increasing their masses . . . .
Ammo whores buying , Stoners are frying , Liberals still acting like asses .

The survivalists horde , to an all too familiar chord , that the end is most certainly near . . . .
Stockpiling MRE's , toilet paper , batteries , soap , rice , beans , whiskey and beer .

The slags in the projects and trailer parks object to having to sacrifice hand-outs . . . .
The sheeple say 'No Way' to increasing their co-pay , and fly opposite of what Miss Ayn Rand touts .

We shudder at the pumps and are chopped down to stumps from the screwing we are given by OPEC . . . .
As the price of tomatoes , bread , milk and potatoes , turn our checking accounts into train wrecks .

I don't know about you , but I'm just about through , with providing for the worthless and lazy . . . .
No matter how hard I try , seems the coffer's always dry , and it's starting to drive this man crazy.

I'd like to say 'What The Fuck' , just load up the truck , and disappear into the forest . . . .
I could hide in a cave , eat the food that I've saved , and wait out the inevitable horrors .

But reality's a mutha , and I'm reminded of the others , that depend on my working and taxes . . . .
I'll punch in and continue , and strive best at what I do , while the unemployed slag relaxes .

I'll continue my struggle , my bills I will juggle , try to ask of no other for assistance . . . .
And pray under my breath that before I meet death , I will reap the rewards in the distance .

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