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January 27, 2011
Team MF'ER
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From beginning to end, success of the Mission is what every brave individual operating in harm’s way, strives for.
Success of the Mission is so fundamental to our company values we named our company Mission First Tactical.

Mission First Tactical (MFT) develops select rifle/carbine accessories specifically for the Military and Law Enforcement markets.
Design of these accessories centers on the need for enhanced accuracy and functionality of the weapons systems, improving Operator
effectiveness. MFT brings to the Mission accessories that aid in rapid target acquisition and rapid, repeatable, accurate shot sequences.

The demands of modern warfare, on our troops , requires accessories designed to reduce operators strain and fatigue. MFT designs are
created, tested and approved by top operators under the harshest of conditions. MFT’s commitment recognizes the evolution of warfare
and law enforcement missions by providing equally evolutionary products to assist the Operators in successfully completing the mission.

Use of advanced materials, smart design and technology are the core of our products. Proudly MFT along with E.I. DuPont’s Military
Plastics Division has developed new materials adding the advantage of weight reduction with increased strength and durability
to our products.

Every accessory is the culmination of MFT’s team of engineers, designers and manufacturing expertise. MFT’s Ownership Team has over
75 years of industry experience in providing the guidance to take concepts from mere ideas to front-line employment. All development and
manufacturing processes are accomplished entirely in the USA.

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MFT1's Blog
MFT1's Blog
MFT Launch!
Thursday, January 27, 2011
As of January 18th 2011, Mission First Tactical became active. We had an amazing reception and launch at SHOT Show 2011 and the pics in the new photos section will prove that! We invite all of our friends to spread the word! Also, got any pics from SHOT you want to share? Send 'em! This site will be updated weekly with images, product demos and videos so keep your eyes open and remember, its ALWAYS MISSION FIRST! <div>
</div> <div>Check us out on Facebook a...
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