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September 11, 2002
Just happy to be here!
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For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.
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I AM A CHRISTIAN: This, more than anything else, influences the beliefs I embrace, the opinions I express, the choices I make, and the life I lead. To be more specific, I am a Primitive Baptist - also called "Hard Shell" Baptists, thus my screen name. I AM A HUSBAND/FATHER: Right up there with my duty to my God (and a part of it, IMHO), I regard my obligations to my wife and children as my most important job on this earth. I live to protect and cherish them. I AM AN AMERICAN: By birth and by the grace of God. I AM AN NRA BENEFACTOR LIFE MEMBERr: I donate regularly and help with fundraising events. They also aren't perfect, but they've done far more to defend our rights than any other group. I AM SOUTHERN: This is more than where I was born - it is also an important statement about HOW I grew up and the culture that has influenced me. I live in a very small, rural Alabama community. Simple things like home and family are very important to me. In fact, I fit many of the preconceived notions you might have about "good ol' boys," but... I AM EDUCATED - I have multiple graduate degrees and and post-grad training; my wife is an accomplished attorney - we both value education and intellect. I AM A GUN OWNER - That's why I'm here. The other topics are fun, but I came here mainly to talk guns. I've been an avid shooter and collector all of my life. I have an extensive gun collection by anyone's standards and, since coming here, have further expanded the "black rifle" portion of my collection and caught NFA fever somewhere along the way as well. I've learned many new things here and, occasionally, I even get to share my own knowledge and experience. This IS my Internet "home" and I really am just happy to be here!

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