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ColdBlue is Dave Lutz and has numerous postings on AR-15.com concerning AR’s.
I retired from Knights Armament Company as VP Military Operations in 2012 after 18 years there. I grew up and learned to shoot in San Diego, California where my Dad was a career Policeman. Entered Marine Corps Boot Camp in 1968 and graduated a PFC. Received a commission as a Second Lt. (Infantry), after Infantry training at Camp Pendleton, in April 1969 and Recon Replacement Training in October 69. Commanded Infantry Platoons in Okinawa and in Viet Nam during 1970. Assigned to Ordnance Officer's School in 1971. For the next 20 + years served in various billets split between infantry and 3rd Echelon Small Arms Repair. For example, re-barreled all 1st MarDiv M16's in later 1971. C/1/4 (Infantry) Company Commander for 13 months in Okinawa during 1975. M16A2 Rifle Development Officer 1980-83 at Picatinny Arsenal (also involved with M9, M249, JSSAP, and other small arms programs during that period). Program Manager Infantry Weapons (Quantico, Va.) 1988-91 when we fielded the .50 SASR during Desert Storm & M240G soon after (retired in 1991 as a Lt. Col.). Employed as an Infantry Weapons Analyst (Contractor) for the USMC 91-94. Joined KAC in Florida 1994. Retired as VP Military Operations at KAC in March 2012.
Email: usmclutz@bellsouth.net
Current activities include building and modifying AR uppers, shooting at the local NRA range and reloading for my AR's (5.56, 6.8, and 7.62); as well as scanning AR15 and other sites for shooter's questions I can help with. Last year I acquired a S&W M&P 15-22 and a Mossberg 5.56mm MVP Predator Bolt Action. Nice rifles.
My most recent acquisition however is a Ruger stainless steel 10/22 (my first!) Take-Down with factory flash suppressor, (a Davison’s Special I believe?).

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