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Posted: 5/31/2013 3:26:55 PM EDT
I shoot steel often and would prefer it do to the fact that you get an auditory response when you make a hit I ran across these types of targets and my mind started to spin with possibilities. First they are lighter to transport, second they cost less but I still want cheaper. Anyone know of any type of sheet material that I can buy and cut my own out?

Most of the time I train with IDPA or USPSA type targets since I shoot them in competition and have hundreds on hand, but I hate walking down range and pasting targets. I wanted to train some this weekend and I have about a doz target stands on my little range but again wasn't excited about pasting targets. I just punted and bought some conveyor belt material that is 3 ply with fiber belts between the layers - no steel belts. I just bought the stuff that was 7" wide and about 3 feet of the stuff for a less than $3.50 per foot. Bottom line I can cut 4 pieces that are 7" X 9" and suspend them with some twine for about $11.

I hope the conveyor belt stuff reacts when hit and holds up to many rounds. So what do you use for cheap reactive targets? I saw these and they look cool, but at $30+ each for fancy empty soda cans - I'll pass.