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Posted: 12/17/2012 1:18:52 PM EDT
I stumbled across this store a couple of weeks ago while looking for black powder for a buddy. No, they didn't carry it, but sent me in the right direction behind the Tim Horton's. While there I saw they had a decent selection of black rifles. After the speech by POTUS last night I decided to take a drive over. I bought a Colt 6920, and have to say they had GREAT customer service. Quite a bit different than the hit and miss service around here.

You guys in W. PA. have a nice little store over there.
At the suggestion of HermanSnerd

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Posted: 12/18/2012 4:57:40 AM EDT
You are correct a real nice bunch of guys run the shop.
Even their transfers are good as compared to others in this neck-o-the woods.
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Posted: 12/20/2012 5:39:58 AM EDT
Edinboro Outdoors!!!

Ken and Jim will always take care of you!!!

Keystone is not too bad but I wish they would wiggle a little more especially on used guns....
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Posted: 12/21/2012 2:02:40 PM EDT
Still nothing compares to when they were uncle sams.......