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Posted: 6/26/2009 2:57:08 PM EDT
Star model 31 PK 9mm for sale $350 DA/SA hammer drop.

I am selling this for a friend. The price is firm because if it sells any lower I will buy it myself. [smilie=smiley_abused.gif]

Looking the pistol over it is in mint condition with no noticeable wear. It comes with the original case also comes w/ manual and 2 (total) 15rd mags and holster.

Local Oregon (Portland) FTF only

Online errata:

The Model 31 constituted a major modification/improvement of the Model 30. Mechanical differences include a change to an ambidextrous (though still slide-mounted) safety lever which is also extended (though still "backwards" in operation). The manual safety also adds a third selector position, which decocks the pistol. The extractor was once again modified; the Model 31’s extractor uses a shorter external bar with a smaller amount of rotation; the extractor springs are also beefed up (and are, in fact, the same springs as used on the Firestar). Barrel length is reduced (making the Model 31 a mid-sized pistol), but the barrel is heavy and of better-quality construction; it is also coned, which simplifies locking. Trigger pull is further lightened and smoothed, and the sights have also been further improved over those on the Model 30. Other changes include a change to stronger checkered polymer grip plates and a generally more ergonomic and partially-dehorned exterior. Though designed for Spanish military and police use, the Model 31 found its greatest sales in the Americas as a civilian pistol called the Starfire (and see the Model 30 notes above).

Model 31PK differs from the Model 31P in having a light-alloy frame. Four different safeties are incorporated:an ambidextrous safety, to block the firing pina half-cock safety,a magazine safety anda locking safety, which prevents firing until the full locking cycle is completed.In addition, a loaded-chamber indicator is provided: a red dot is displayed on the surface of the extractor when a round is chambered