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Posted: 5/28/2009 7:31:00 AM EDT
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For Sale - Caspian 1911 Complete.45 Lower Receiver

This is a brand new stainless steel Caspian / Foster Industries 1911 .45 caliber lower receiver. The lower receiver is complete with all internals. I was going to build a complete gun but ran out of funding. The lower receiver includes the following:

Factory beveled magazine well
Stainless Steel Goverment Length Frame
Smooth Front Strap
.45 ramp
Fitted .45 ejector
Fitted Wilson stainless Steel Beavertail (not drop in - Wilson/Clark radius)
Nowlin Stainles Steel Hammer
Includes both short and long trigger
Includes both standard and extended thumb extended safety
Nowlin stainless steel slide release
Flat gray in clor Composite Colt Mainspring housing
Stainless steel Colt magazine release.
Stainless Steel hex head grip panel screws
Pachmayer grips
Spur Hammer
Beveled Magazine Well
Greider Precision Trigger
1-10 Round Magazine

This frame is in pristine condition and would be a bargin for anyone desiring to build their own 5 inch .45 auto. The gun has a crisp trigger pull -in the 5 pound range (approximately). All the internals and safety features work correctly.

If you are interested, have questions, or whould like to pictures please contact me at


Thanks Chris