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Posted: 1/7/2013 4:15:23 PM EDT
I have a nice T series Hi power that had terrible aftermarket sights on that I had my Gunsmith replace with Millet target sights. Crisp trigger job too. Three sets of factory grips, two wood and one plastic. It is a great, good looking package. I would rate the condition at NRA 85%. A shooter for sure. I am located in SW OH and would prefer ftf but can ship via fedex if the buyer is out of state. Pics can be found at bottom of page via photobucket link.

Price: Asking $550 shipped OBO

Trades; SKS D, S&W Jframe with a 2.5 inch or longer barrel, CS9 or 3913 with rail (can be in .40 too).

7.62x39 and 5.45 ammo as well.

If I am not trading towards another 9mm I can either trade 9mm towards or buyer can purchase lots of high end 9mm at a discounted rate.

PM OR IM works.

Thank you and God bless.