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Posted: 9/8/2013 5:25:30 AM EDT
I am stepping out of service rifle competition for a while. I have a new wife and a new baby on the way and am going to narrow my hobbies down a touch and the extra money from a sale or two wont hurt a bit. I tend to jump into hobbies with both feet, which you'll realize as soon as you see what I have for sale.

I just started shooting last year and these rifles were hammers. Took me to a master card with a few HM scores under my belt as well as some leg points. Can not say enough about how great these shoot. Details about the uppers on creedmoor's sight: Gene is the guy chambering rifles for the AMU.

First one is serial #20250 - post-ban barrel. It should have 1898 rounds down the tube. Lets just call it 1900 give or take. I've never done load development, just throw 24gr of rl15 into a LC or Lapua case and seat a 77 to mag length or 80 to .010 off and call it good. Should easily get another 2k rounds out of it before you need to rebarrel. Krieger barrel of course. This one has a micro sight that I dinged up at some time, see photos. Nothing big but worth mentioning. I also reamed the center of the microsight out a few thousandths which helped with fuzziness at 600. I think $1000 shipped for this one is fair.

Second one is serial #20268 - pre-ban barrel. It only has 60rds through it. Enough to confirm zero for its role as backup rifle. You can see I never even smoked the front sight and the shell deflector is virgin :). This one also has micro sight in it that I reamed out a few thousandths to help with fuzziness. This one is basically brand new plus a micro sight, I think $1300 shipped is fair for this.

Lastly I have an un-used krieger barrel, chambered by gene Clark for sale. Threaded muzzle, machined for front sight post, etc etc. ready to swap into an upper. Will come with a rubber thread protector and blue barrel mesh just like it came from Gene. I think $525 shipped for this is a steal.

If you want the whole package I'd send out all three items for $2600.00. I think my asking price is fair for everything, but if you disagree I'd entertain offers on any items. That being said, first full price offer for any of these takes them. Face to face around eastern, IA is also an option. I'll be traveling to Champaign/Danville, IL area a lot in the coming weeks as well as Des Moines if any buyers in those areas would like them we could meet up. No trades unless you have an AI AX with 338 bolt face.