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Posted: 8/9/2010 5:06:30 PM EDT
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Email me @ for Pics or you can go to This is a one of one model that Bushmaster produced. There will never be another rifle like this made by Bushmaster. The program and the model were discontinued after only one rifle was produced. This Rifle came from the prize table at the 2009 FB3G. I just received it last Friday. I called Bushmaster on 8/11/10 to find out more information about the rifle. The rep told me the rifle had been discontinued and that none of the rifles were ever sold. I informed him I had one from the 2009 FB3G and he stated this was the only rifle that had been produced and delivered.
Here are the specs. for the rifle

• Lapped 18" A2 profile button rifled barrel with 1 in 8" twist,
featuring an 11 degree competition muzzle crown and Bennie
Cooley muzzle break
• Custom match hybrid chambering to accommodate 5.56mm
• Forged charging handle with Badger Ordinance tactical latch
• Ti N coated bolt carrier with titanium firing pin installed
• Bottom vented, free float handguards featuring two 3" rails
and two 4" rails and bipod/sling stud
• JP tactical sight
• Ultra-crisp Titanium trigger

NIB $1350.00