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Posted: 12/22/2012 4:29:37 PM EDT
I have a new complete RRA "Pistol Only" lower reciver that I would like to trade.
This is a complete factory Pistol lower that includes pistol buffer tube and buffer/spring
For the right deal I have a new auto bolt carrier assembly, a3 upper and charging handle. Just add you barrel but these will only be included for the right deal

I am looking to trade towards/for
SKS M or D
Daewoo Dr200
Keltec folding 223
Sig 550 series rifle
MSAR have more ARs or bulpup AK I could add to a trade deal for this or an AUG
Or any other high cap rifle

These were $350 from RRA when you could get them but they have been back ordered indefinitely for almost a year and with the climate the way it is I highly doubt that we will ever be able to get these again even when they catch up special runs like this will not be a priority. But I may be wrong. I know the back and forth argument about stripped recovers can be pistols if sold orginally as recivers bit that has been up for debate and who at ATF is interpreting it. This is factory Pistol lower that you don't need to worry about the legality of how it has been transferred sense day 1 or ATF interpreting the law differnet tomorrow then today.

We all know the prices are sky high now, with that said I would like to work an even fair trade.
We know this isn't a $600 piece more like a $375 gun but a WASR is only a $500 gun so let's be real with a trade.