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Posted: 2/26/2009 12:14:09 PM EDT
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Have a bunch of .50 BMG rounds that I have been saving up until the purchase of a rifle, but it looks like that won't happen on this end. These are shooting grade rounds, some are mildly collectable but nothing major. My collectors rounds will be posted shortly after this one in a separate thread.

Most of these are surplus rounds, a few are quality reloads like those made by Talon a while back. This could be the start of just a pile of rounds for you to blast away at Knob Creek, at the range, or start a small ammo collection. Condition varies from near mint, to "dang get out the Brasso", with most falling in between. They are all shootable.

Must be shipped to a state where .50 BMG is legal. Must be shipped via UPS Ground with "ORM-D" markings, and received by a qualified adult. Price is $100 shipped to you in a steel ammo can.

Rounds included:

small bag of .50 cal MG links
AP, M2, black tip, headstamp 45 LC
AP, M2, black tip, headstamp U 43
AP, Dominican, yellow tip, headstamp 50 56 RD
API, M8, silver tip, headstamp LC 54
API, Dominican, silver tip, headstamp 50 56 RD
API, Dominican, white tip, headstamp 50 56 RD
API, Dominican, white tip, headstamp 50 56 RD
APIT, M20, red/silver tip, headstamp SL 54
APIT, Dominican, white/red tip, headstamp 50 56 RD
APT, Dominican, yellow/red tip, headstamp 50 56
Ball, M2, headstamp DM 43
Ball, M2, headstamp RA 42
Ball, M2, headstamp SL 45
Ball, M33, headstamp LC 70
Ball, M33, headstamp LC 79
Ball, M33, headstamp LC 81
Ball, M33, headstamp LC 82
Ball, M33, headstamp WCC 85
Ball, Brazilian, headstamp CBC .50 74
Ball, Chinese commercial (Defense Tech), headstamp 12.7 ST 92
Ball, French, TP-low penetration, silver metal tip, headstamp 12.7 SF 91
Ball, Greek commercial (Hansen), headstamp IK 85
Ball, Israeli, headstamp TZZ 96
Ball, South African, headstamp A 80 12.7 R1M3
Ball, unknown, no headstamp
Ball, unknown, no headstamp
Blank, crimped, headstamp LC 85
Blank, crimped, Belgian, headstamp .50 FNB 81
Blank, crimped, Belgian, headstamp 12.7 67 FM
Blank, crimped, Israeli, headstamp TZ 88
Dummy, M2, headstamp FA 42
Hollow-point, unknown mfg, headstamp WCC 85
Incendiary, M1, lt. blue tip, headstamp DM 4
Match, reload, bronze machined bullet, headstamp LC 83
SLAP, reload, .30 cal AP projo in plastic sabot, headstamp 50 56 RD
SLAP-Incendiary, Spanish, steel core/brass collar, headstamp 12.7x99 SB 77
Spotter-Tracer, reload, yellow/red tip, headstamp 4 TW
Tracer, M1, red tip, headstamp SL 42
Tracer (alt), M1, red tip, headstamp DM 43
Tracer, M17, brown tip, headstamp LC 71
Tracer, British, red tip, headstamp .50 K

Posts: 110
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Posted: 2/27/2009 8:14:31 AM EDT
Sold pending funds.