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Posted: 2/3/2011 2:22:52 PM EDT
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Add $5 USPS Priority shipping for any items that fit in a small flat rate box. $10 for everything else. Paypal gift payment (or standard +4%) or USPS MO.

I'll take it on this forum, plus a PM. crossposted

K-var left side folding polymer stock (4.5mm pin) - $100 - SPF on another forum
Bulgarian combo GB/FSB - $160 - SPF
Russian combo GB/FSB with plunger assembly factory installed (the one with the square cutout) - $170 - SPF
Tapco US stock set fitted for Chinese AK's - $70 for the set.

Romanian RPK handguard set - $40 - SPF on another forum

Not shown are tapco g2 single hook trigger sets - $25 or even trade for Double hook

I have a Russian Chrome lined barrel for Milled AK kits (7.62x39). It has a threaded muzzle and, pin locations are cut, gas port drilled, hand guard retainers cut and extractor cut out is made. The barrel is a threaded type but can be put on a lathe to work as a press in barrel. - $110 3 AVAILABLE ALL SPF

more pics