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Posted: 9/12/2013 1:42:03 PM EDT
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I have a batch of grip screws for AK's, plenty of different kinds of grips out there and some variation in length in AK's as well, so it is important that you measure, aftermarket grips with compartments use very short screws, some need longer than standard length.

In addition, the diameter of the recessed portion of the grip itself varies, so I am giving all dimensions of these screws and it is up to you to figure out if it will work for your application (you may need to widen the recess in some cases), also remember the grip nut protrudes from the receiver, and the grip screw when tightened doesn't actually go past the receiver by much.

These are premium Allen head A2-70/304 stainless steel alloy screws, A2/304 is one of the most highly corrosion resistant stainless steels made with a tensile strength of over 100,000 pounds-per-square-inch, used mainly in automotive and marine applications. These are nothing like the cheap pot-metal screws that are heavily in use.

The measurements:

6M x 1.0 x 100mm (100 mm =3.937 inches) This is the length of the screw shaft itself, the head adds an extra 6mm of length as listed below.
Head diameter = 10mm
Head depth = 6mm
5mm Allen head

Price is $3.00 shipped each, discounts if you need 5 or more.
Discrete Paypal gift or add .10 cents. No tracking on these as they go by regular mail.

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