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Posted: 2/14/2011 9:58:34 AM EDT
Ar15 parts for sale
ar15 parts - new and old

Terms of sale:
If payment is not received within 10 calendar days of ordering, the order is canceled.
Orders paid by personal check/convenience store money order shipped after payment clears at the bank.
Insurance and shipping.
You have the option of picking up your order in West Los Angeles.
If your total order is less than $10, you may elect to have it shipped for a flat rate of $1.50, uninsured.
If you want to order multiple items, contact me for the shipping rate.I may be able to consolidate items into a package. Otherwise, any order over $10 is shipped insured at the rate of $6 (small USPO package), $12 (medium USPO package) or $15.00 (large USPO package) or $17 (oversized USPO package).
I ship from a 90066 substation. No tracking number is provided by the substation
Communications and shipping. I want to ship as soon as possible. Your package will be ready when payment is received if you provide me in advance, by email, with your name, shipping address,.telephone number and a complete description of your order.

Item Description Caution:
I don't have the ability or time to answer technical or collector-type questions. Look at the picture and decide whether you want to buy. If you change your mind and return an item at your expense within 15 days, undamaged, I will refund the order purchase price.

I have various ar15/m16 parts that are new and/or used:
A. Tapco mag followers - $1.50 each (have 18) I do not know if for 20 or 30 round
B Magpull $3
C. repack kit $3
G2 magazine bases. $2 each (have 11)
J. mag carriers - $7 each (have 4)
M. charging handle $17.
Q2 repack kits $3 each (have 2)
R1 Vietnam pouches $5 each (have 3)
S. pistol grip plugs $5 (have 6)
T. tapco spring and follower $4
T2 Carrier $45
T3. AR15 tool $18
V . slip on for shorty stock $8 (have 2)
W. butt stock and parts. NO, this is not the $100 collapsible. This does not collapse. Made in Taiwan I believe. $20
W2 flags 2.25 each (have 3)
Y. ar15 flash suppressor $6
Z1. Recoil spring $5 each (have 2)
Z3. pistol grips - $10.00 each (2 total)
Z4. This is either a muzzle brake or flash suppressor. I don’t know which. $22.50
Z5. spacer $5
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Posted: 2/14/2011 10:10:43 AM EDT
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I'll take the tool for $18

Edit: item T3
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Posted: 2/14/2011 6:27:23 PM EDT
I'll take the carrier. please send payment info