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Posted: 5/20/2009 7:19:42 PM EDT
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Sold pending funds

I have a complete 16” LWRC M6A2 upper receiver in 5.56mm, built at the factory on a VLTOR Modular Upper Receiver, using a Colt LE 16” lightweight profile barrel. It is in excellent condition, with only minor wear from handling and firing. The lightweight, simple and clean short-stroke piston operating system has delivered flawless function in this rifle for a bit over 1k rounds. The upper receiver has all the latest upgrades from LWRC, including the latest generation bolt carrier with Over-The-Beach submersible capability and staked key.

The upper uses the LWRC ACB (Advanced Combat Bolt ) with dual-coil extractor springs, redesigned extractor, and the same high-toughness transmission steel used in the piston operating system. Bolt carrier even has the KNS Solid Firing Pin Retaining Pin. The VLTOR MUR upper receiver is the billet model with brass deflector and fwd assist.

Charging handle is a steel Miculek part, not aluminum, and has a PRI Big Latch installed. The Rail system is an LWRC factory ARM-R 9” M6A2 profile, free-floated over a Colt lightweight, 1/9” chrome-lined, MP tested 16” barrel. I specified this barrel to save weight, and it works great and still shoots an inch group at 100 yards from the bench. Rail covers are Magpul, the Flash hider is a VLTOR VC-1 Comp/FH.

The Back Up Sights are Troy, with an XS 24/7 Tritium Vertical stripe front sight. The illumination is a Surefire X300 110 Lumen Combatlight, mounted at 12 o’clock to keep the light from being blocked by cover. The Iron Sights clear the light fine.

I spared no expense with this upper, and it is from my last and primary rifle. It only being sold to pay for a new air conditioning unit, otherwise I would not ever part with it. I have already sworn that once the A/C unit is paid for, I will replace it. The total cost of everything I put into this upper is hundreds of dollars more than my asking price- the ACB alone cost $150, Steel CH $50, tritium FS $50, and so on. I need $1499 shipped USPS Priority, or $1349 without the X300 light. If you want a complete M6A2 upper, in lightweight profile, this is the only way to get it, as the LWRC has stopped doing custom uppers – and the price on this one is phenomenal. I will accept check, postal M/O or Paypal +3.5%. Email with any questions.

Sold pending funds