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Posted: 11/29/2001 6:30:10 AM EDT
I need advice on bells and whistles for my firearms. I have about $800 to spend on this stuff, and I want the most bang for my buck. Just fishing for suggestions, as I know that NONE of this stuff is "must-have". I also don't want to show up at the range looking like some mook with a bunch of Christmas Tree crap on my guns.

#1 Bushmaster E3 Shorty (16"): Want to get the 20" barrel, as the 16" wasn't my first choice. I don't see much CQB in my future. It's my target/TEOTWAKWI rifle, but I'm new to the AR.
-Suggestions of scopes? It's a flattop Piccy rail.
-Are accessory rails worth looking into, ala KAS?

#2 Remington 870P w/ rifle sights and extended magazine: This is my home defense/CQB iron.
-Folding stock worthwhile?
-Flashlight mounts that don't cost more than the gun?
-Red-Dot or other CQB sights worth it on a shotgun? I'm already a good shot with this one.

#3 Ruger 10/22, plain vanilla: The lowly plinker, and probably my favorite.
-Thinking about a target barrel for this one.

That'll do for now. Thanks for any feedback.
Link Posted: 11/29/2001 9:31:18 AM EDT
If you like 10/22's you might be intrested in getting ruger's new k-10/22 with 22"barrel .I found the best price at wal-mart $214 in Stainless with custom checkerd stock.
Link Posted: 11/29/2001 9:41:58 AM EDT
I changed my mind... gonna get a 24" Bushmaster upper for target shooting, and keep the 16' upper for CQB-SHTF-TEOTWAWKI purposes... that limits my budget considerably, as well as shifting my priorities.
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