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Posted: 6/3/2008 3:42:27 AM EDT
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My son wants a RAV-22LR by Feather USA. Can anyone tell me about this rifle. Is it a good first rifle, or one I should stay away from.
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Posted: 6/4/2008 9:22:49 AM EDT
I bought one of these about 15 years ago. It looked interesting and was pretty cheap. Wire collapsible stock, 20 rnd mag, etc. Barrel comes out and the whole thing can fit in a pack. Turns out its a pretty fun gun but I'd go with a 10/22 or something.

I did have a problem with mine and had to send the barrel back.
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Posted: 6/4/2008 9:44:31 AM EDT
Good luck finding replacement parts.

I almost bought one a few years ago. The one thing that kept me from buying one is that they seemed somewhat overpriced.

I've since found that Feather Arms seems to have gone out of business. hasn't worked in quite some time.
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Posted: 6/4/2008 3:07:15 PM EDT
Try this link.
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Posted: 6/8/2008 9:13:18 AM EDT
I have a Feather industries AT-22 that I won in a raffle 20 years ago. I taught my son how to shoot with it and he really liked it because of the way it broke down into the case. I don't think I've shot it in 10+ years due to the fear of something breaking and not being able to get parts.

IMHO I'd stick with the 10/22.
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Posted: 6/8/2008 2:03:25 PM EDT
Feather Rifles is still in business (see the link above). I purchased a new RAV 45 ACP rifle from them 5-6 weeks ago. They haven't updated their web site in ages, so it's probably best to just call them; they have phone numbers posted on their web site. They're a very small division of some company called AWI, and there isn't always someone there to answer the phone, but they'll get back to you. They did some nice trigger work on my Feather Industries AT-22 (Feather Industries was the previous maker of these rifles) this past winter.

They should update their web site. They have a neat new feature for their RAV 45: it is now designed to take Glock mags, rather than hard-to-find Uzi mags. I am always amazed at how accurate both of my Feather rifles are. The AT-22 does jam occasionally, but generally works pretty well with high velocity .22LR. The RAV 45 is rock solid. -TB

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Posted: 6/10/2008 3:32:50 PM EDT
Does your's take the glock mags?

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Posted: 6/10/2008 6:11:33 PM EDT
I bought one of these a few months ago. Sold it 3 weeks later. Couldn't get it to feed a full mag. i was clearing jams every 2nd or 3rd round. I tried 7-8 different brands or ammo with no success. Looks cool, but needs a little work.
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Posted: 6/17/2008 4:41:39 PM EDT
I had the AT-22 about 16 years ago. Worked great and I was able to get 8 20 rnd mags for it. I sold it a few years ago for $550.00 but I wish I had kept it.
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Posted: 8/25/2008 5:08:10 PM EDT
I have the new RAV-22. Lots of stove pipe jams. I am trying different ammo but it is becoming tedious. Nice people to deal with but not a lot of gun for the money.
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Posted: 8/26/2008 4:09:24 AM EDT
I have had one for yrs,,, it's a fun gun breaks down and goes in a case, it does jam once in a while
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