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Posted: 7/4/2012 2:24:59 PM EDT
What is the general consensus of the POF Roller Cam Pins? Does it help? Has anyone had one fail or even know of one that has failed?
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Posted: 7/4/2012 2:58:22 PM EDT
I only use them on my Osprey 416 equipped AR uppers..they make the same dent as a regualr cam pin and improve feel when you hand cycle it feels smoother but thats about it.I dont think they make it anymore reliable or dependable but in 7k rounds using it its fine no problems and no wear.
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Posted: 7/4/2012 3:55:08 PM EDT
I have one in my Stag M8. It definitely feels smoother when hand cycling. Other than that, I've had over 1000 rounds of Wolf & Brown Bear down the tube with no problems. I cannot tell the difference between the two cam pins when shooting.
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Posted: 7/6/2012 9:29:38 PM EDT
i have one in two seperate rifles without issue so far...are they absolutely needed, no...but if you run a piston system i would recomend one...if a little extra cosmetic wear in your upper doesnt bother then you dont really need one. the theory was sound to me though so since i was building a custom rifle from scratch i figured it couldnt hurt, while i was at it i ordered one for the other piston rifle in the house. so far i have yet to hear or see anything negative about them. if you can afford to splurge a little extra cash on your rifle then why not?