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Posted: 4/5/2004 11:20:43 AM EDT
Can someone help clarify this for me? I know what the difference is between the A1 and A2----not sure about all the others.

Thanks in advance! CR
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Posted: 4/5/2004 11:44:30 AM EDT
As far as I know, it depends on if you're talking AR's or M-16's. AR-15A1 (similar to M-16A1) AR-15A2 (similar to M16-A2, namely in sights) AR-15A3/A4 (both refer to flat-top receivers) M4/AR-15 M4Gery (styled after the M4 variant of the M16 system with unique barrel, collapsable stock, and flat-top receiver) M16A1 - full auto capable, old sight system M16A2 - Three round burst, new sight system M16A3 - Same as A2, but full auto capable M16A4 - Three round burst, flat-top receiver
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Posted: 4/5/2004 12:31:20 PM EDT
Now I'm confused. That's what I understood, but my Armalite 20" stainless came in a box marked M15A2NM, and the serial numbers match, but the upper is configured exactly like the M15A4 (T), except for the fiberglass handguard and 4" longer barrel. It's a 20" flat top with single rail stainless gas block, but the handguard is the free floater that looks like the standard and there were no sights on it. Because of that, I thought I misunderstood what A2 and A4 meant. So what exactly do I have? Does Armalite do special order guns for dealers, or could this be a prior year config?
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Posted: 4/5/2004 1:12:48 PM EDT
Not this thread again [rolleyes]... Your answer is here: [url][/url]