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Posted: 9/3/2010 12:50:15 PM EDT
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Sorry it has taken so long, but we don’t have a huge staff (one of the reasons we can keep our prices down, because we do the best we can to keep our overhead down). There are literally hundreds of certification documents for the parts that we use. Not only are there cert docs for the barrel and bolt, there are cert docs for the springs, the tungsten we use in our buffers, practically every part has a cert document.

Also, the barrel certs were a few years old (2008), so we wanted to get our own recent and independent certs.
We are also in the process of building a new web site, which has taken a lot longer than we expected. We had originally intended to post the cert docs in PDF format in a section on the web site, which we will still do, but the new site is still a while out, so we will be posting some of them here on our industry page.

First I’ll start with the M4-LE Barrel, below is an example of our most recent certifications. Random samples were pulled from inventory and sent in for chemical analysis and hardness testing to certify compliance with MIL-B-11595E (AR) standards.

MIL-B-11595E Steel requirements:

2010 Certs:

Below is an example of the certifications from 2008:
(All barrels have been MIL-B-11595E(AR) compliant since the product line was introduced. At no time has Spikes Tactical LLC used barrel steel in our M4-LE series of rifles or uppers that was noncompliant.)

Also, every single barrel that has been sold in the M4-LE line has been HP & MP tested. Some of our earlier runs did not indicate the HP proof on the barrel engraving, but HP testing was performed followed by MP testing on every M4-LE Barrel that has been sold to date.

Bolt carrier groups:
Spikes Tactical M4-LE rifles and uppers are supplied with mil-spec bolt carrier groups )(specs listed on our web site). Some of our earlier models were lacking the high pressure testing and were only marked as (MP) for the magnetic particle test that was preformed.
All current production bolts undergo high pressure testing either in house or at an outside testing facility followed by the proper MP testing per the mil-spec and are marked with the (HP) and (MP) proof marks.

BCG Material / finish certs:

Upper receiver:

Upper parts:

Lower receiver:

Lower parts:


Example of tool (torque wrench) calibration certs:

Spikes rail finish certs:

MIL-G-21164 Grease For Barrel Nut:

Misc mil-spec grease for fire control group, pivot points, ECT.

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