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Posted: 1/7/2002 6:13:54 PM EDT
I have come into contact with someone interested in selling an Eagle Arms M15A2. He is stating that the rifle is a pre-ban, with serial # 39XXX. It has a 16" M4 profile barrel, on an A2 receiver, but there are no factory markings on the barrel or receiver. Legit, or not? Thanks.
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Posted: 1/7/2002 7:11:25 PM EDT
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It is most likely a postban if it is an Eagle Arms M15A2. Most, if not all preban Eagles were EA15's. Does it say "Eagle Arms Division/Armalite Geneseo, IL" or does it say "Eagle Arms Coal Valley, IL"?

It also sounds like a kit gun built on an Eagle Arms lower, if it has an M4 profile barrel on it.
If it's a Colt, it's a copy of an original ArmaLite.

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Posted: 1/8/2002 6:31:16 PM EDT
I contacted the 800 number from the topic originally posted by GWF. Will be receiving a reply from ArmaLite by e-mail. Thanks.
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Posted: 1/9/2002 6:02:51 PM EDT
My guess is that it is a POST BAN. I have a Pre Ban Eagle Arms and which was made in 1987 and the serial number is 13XX. I emailed them and they sent me the mfg. info. Great company to work with.