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Posted: 4/7/2013 5:14:36 PM EDT
I've just purchased a Bushnell HDMR scope with a 34mm tube, I want to use it on both my 14.5" 5.56 and my mega maten that's getting pieced together right now, looking at all the choices Larue has for mounts I'm completely lost (ie. do I need cant, 10 moa, 20 moa?). It would mostly be used for shooting paper right now out to about 300 yards, but as I learn more I would like to push out further and maybe take a long range class or two. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:06:24 PM EDT
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(POSTED LATER - I may have found an LT that is flat with 34mm rings LT 807 not sure how I had missed it when I was looking for one.
LINK to LT 807 This will work with your current scope to QD between AR rifles. FLAT BASE NO SLOPE In any case call La Rue to be sure this is what they recommend!!!

YOUR SCOPES Adj Range in.@100yds / m@100m:+50 /+14.5 Link

Problem -- this particular scope has 50 total inches of adjustment at 100 yds. That means in an ideal world 25 inches up and 25 inches down. It defies the imagination why it is in a 34mm tube. Most scopes using 34 mm tubes have double the amount of internal adjustment. Nightforce has a new 34mm tube scope 5-25x56 ATACR Link the range of internal adjustments is 120MOA which means 120 inches of adjustment at 100 yds so about 60 inches above and about 60 inches below.

When putting together a rife if you have a flat base and the rings or ring mount does not alter the angle in an ideal world the scope should have its adjustment centered with plenty of adjustment both above and below. it is not desirable to run a scope at the maximum limits of its ability to adjust, all the time.
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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:23:40 PM EDT
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The correct optic for the 14.5 in AR would be something like a 2x Compact ACOG or one of the ACOG scopes or an Aimpoint Comp M4s or a 1-4 or 1.5-6 something of that nature rather than a long range high magnification optic. Its pointless to place a heavy large optic on a light fast CQB gun I would rather just run iron sights until I could afford a optic that matched its ability. Anytime you are talking about short barrel rifles you are best to think targets inside 300 yds.

I dont know much about the Mega but best guess it is a .308 AR with likely a 20 in barrel and for that the optic you selected makes more sense but Look at this package deal from La Rue which would be a better choice.

If you really must run the same scope on both of them think about reducing power range to something like THIS