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Posted: 6/27/2009 11:17:47 AM EDT
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The CMMG .22 conversion is designed to be a simple plug and play unit. All kits are tuned from the factory and do not require any modification.

Typically, if a kit will have problems, it will be during the first hundred rounds or so. This is the break in period. We recommend the following procedure if misfires, FTEs, FTFs, and other malfunctions occur. Note the malfunction list isn't all inclusive but the following procedures still applies to other issues not listed.
The instructions below may be performed after each outing to ensure best performance.

Note, parkerized units will typically break in and give best performance after first 200rds. The Stainless Steel Kits do not have any break in. All kits are designed and built to run the widest variety of ammo possible.

Blow out firing pin area with air and put in a drop of oil. Buzzing the chamber, using a brush chucked in a high speed drill until part is warm, is something we would recommend after each outing. Apply small amount of oil on extractor pivot pin and light coat of oil on rails. Ammo, can be a factor with function issues. If the above cleaning procedures don't work, try running a couple different types of ammo. While the kit is designed to run a wide variety of ammo, not all ammo will perform the same.

If the above doesn't help, contact us for repair/return. CMMG covers the return shipping, please email us for details.

We wanted to put faces with some of the crew that brings you our .22 conversions(we will get the rest later) and just some fun shots. Enjoy! These guys and gals are committed to giving you a dependable and trouble-free kit for years and years of use. All units are test fired, to ensure proper feeding,uh,extracting...and well...well, you will see, I can't keep up. And yup, each kit gets it.
Test Fire Vid

To date, we have produced and shipped tens of thousands of kits. CMMG is continuing to refine and improve this product whether it be better materials, better assembly fixturing and more in depth testing on each unit. Our goal is to simply produce the best, most reliable kit on the market today. If you have an idea or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.
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