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Posted: 6/14/2012 8:35:18 AM EDT
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Posted: 6/14/2012 12:51:18 PM EDT
Thats a good video. I think it's great people take the time to show their support to our veterans. However it make me feel a bit uncomfortable to recieve it because all I did was guard airfields far from any fighting.

I make a point to say thanks to the Vietnam Veterans I run across. They sure got a raw deal. All I remember hearing on TV and in the media when I was a kid was that they were all drug addicts, psychopaths, loners, and misfits. Then I looked at the men in my neighborhood who were the same age I am now and all I saw were family men, police officers, teachers, and businessmen who were all pillars of the community. They all served in Vietnam. Those men were and still are my heroes.
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Posted: 6/14/2012 5:14:51 PM EDT
Ok I guess. Please don't do that shit to me I hate it. Especially when they want to have a conversation with you afterwards.
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Posted: 6/15/2012 6:25:54 PM EDT
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Smile and say thank you to the civilians. Tell the vets thank you for their service as well. If somebody wants to tell a quick story about a brother,sister,father, or uncle that they are proud of...let them. Its better that the citizens see their Soldiers as people that can be approached and talked too. No matter how high speed and harass you think you are or are not.
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Posted: 6/15/2012 11:10:47 PM EDT
Whenever I meet a Vietnam Veteran I just say "welcome home" and we BS a bit. They need so much more than that but I'm embarassed for my nation to say anything else.
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