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Posted: 5/27/2001 5:45:22 AM EST
hi! new to ar15.com, what a great resource. i am wondering which if any, ir lasers are lagal for us lowly civies to own. i have seen sites that sell them to LE/military only, but then as a footnote, it states that federal regulations prohibit ir lasers with a "constant on" feature. any help/info would be great and thanx in advance!
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 7:36:32 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/27/2001 7:40:52 AM EST by Hoople]
I don't think the IR lasers are illegal to own, it's just that the manufacturers don't want to sell to non LEO/military due to liability issues (i.e. eye damage caused by the laser) IR lasers are offered for sale on these boards, just keep your eyes open.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 8:08:57 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 8:13:37 AM EST
hey thanx for the input!!! firepower, what's up with bsa? are they the ones with three lasers, a light and kitchen sink attached????
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 12:48:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 12:54:15 PM EST
Kid, you'll put your eye out! Seriously, IR lasers can be very, VERY dangerous.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 1:01:04 PM EST
augman, eh? hey california kid, what exactly do you mean by dangerous??? are they a hazard to my own vision?
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 3:42:48 PM EST
Yes, even very low power lasers can burn cells in the retinas of your eyes if they are pointed directly at your eye. That includes wavelengths that you can't see.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 4:07:39 AM EST
thanks guys! i promise to be careful if i ever find one! hey california kid, is that your SASS name????
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:50:11 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/28/2001 5:48:53 AM EST by California_Kid]
Probably not. What SASS are you referring to?
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:53:55 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/28/2001 5:55:04 AM EST by fattym4]
Single Action Shooter's Society, you know, Sam Colt, Remington, a bunch of cowboy re-enactors! [):)]
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 6:19:06 AM EST
There is a IR laser for sale on gunbroker.com. Model an/paq-4a item#1389409 - $450.00.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 10:37:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 5:26:07 AM EST
wow, those are SWEET lasers, huh? thanx guys for all the info! i went from knowledge drought to info flood! now all i need some more $$$ and i'll be "putting eyes out" nightly!!!
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 11:00:32 AM EST
Originally Posted By Troy:
Originally Posted By Muddog: There is a IR laser for sale on gunbroker.com. Model an/paq-4a item#1389409 - $450.00.
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Wow, that's less than half price! [url]www.bluelinegear.com[/url] sells PAQ-4s and NV, and gives discounts to AR15.com members. [:)] -Troy
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I think you're confusing this unit with the AN/PAQ-4C. The AN/PAQ-4A is the predecessor to the AN/PAQ-4C currently in use (and on bluelinegear.com). It is inferior in output, and it's carry handle mount is not as solid. It is still a capable device, just not as improved as the '4C. $450 is a damn good price, however.
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