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3/20/2017 5:03:23 PM
Posted: 7/26/2001 8:36:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/26/2001 8:44:19 PM EDT by Sixtus]
This summer horseradish has tasted so good to me. I like the hot flaky type not the milder creamy style. I have tried it before, but never have I had such a good eating experience with it like I am having this summer. My wife thinks there is something wrong, I put half of a teaspoon on or in everything, half of a teaspoon seems just right for me, it is not overpowering in that amount, I put it on or in: burgers,sloppy joes,soup,sandwiches,even tried some on scrambled eggs. Yum,Yum, Next I am going to try some in me coleslaw and put some in me Barbecue sauce hearty har har. I think putting it in my soup has been the most delicious surprise, it is so good. Spices and the like sure make food less boring. Got any delicious suggestions for summer meals?
Link Posted: 7/26/2001 8:40:31 PM EDT
im kinda partial to tabasco sauce
Link Posted: 7/26/2001 9:08:58 PM EDT
Ain't nothin better. Works great on hard boild eggs in liew of salt. [img]http://www.louisianacupboard.com/shop/media/gumbo_file.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 7/26/2001 10:37:15 PM EDT
BT the friggin' top 'cause I likes my Tony's.
Link Posted: 7/26/2001 10:49:45 PM EDT
Sriracha hot pepper and garlic sauce.
Link Posted: 7/27/2001 5:04:04 AM EDT
cool show on last night about tobasco sauce-showed how they make it-If I recall there was only 3 ingredients- tobasco peppers, vinegar, salt. The mash it into pulp, mix it a bit, put it in wooden barrels and let it sit for 3 years! they then open em up, make a sauce mix it for 28 more days and bottle it. I would be willing to bet that not many companies do all that!
Link Posted: 7/27/2001 5:09:12 AM EDT
Seasoning = Garlic Salt Herb = Bay Leafs i hear cannibus is good too. Root = Mahuang
Link Posted: 7/27/2001 5:12:06 AM EDT
Salt. BRINE MARINATED CHICKEN Fill a pot with water. Add lots of salt. Enough salt so that you have really salty water. Ocean salty. Stir it up real well, so that there are no more salt grains. Take a whole chicken (or parts), and marinate it in the Brine (salty water), over night. Take bird out of brine, pat dry with paper towels, dust with black pepper. Grill it up. It makes the moistest, most tender bird, ever. (grill secret: always grill chicken on a low flame, slowly)
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