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Posted: 6/4/2001 2:50:10 PM EDT
Hi Gents, Another name-this-rifle-and-the-country-that-produced-it game for your entertainment. [IMG]albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1389369&a=10369232&p=49821920[/IMG] Cheers, RG.nl
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 2:52:46 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 2:54:08 PM EDT
Hi Paul, As many as you need. And these are NOT AR15's/M16's.... Cheers, RG.nl
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 2:54:22 PM EDT
Those are chinese copies of m16s.
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 2:55:22 PM EDT
Hi Imbro, Wrong...but close.... Ciao bello, RG.nl
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 2:58:14 PM EDT
Made in taiwan.
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 2:59:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:02:07 PM EDT
Dadgummit Agree with Osprey
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:03:12 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:03:37 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:08:36 PM EDT
Hi Guys, All misses. Try again, you're close.... Cheers, RG.nl
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:10:02 PM EDT
Ooops, too fast! Imbo has it right, these are Taiwanese rifles. They're a combo of the AR15 and AR18. Cheers, RG.nl
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:12:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/4/2001 3:11:10 PM EDT by Adam_White]
Are you sure Imbroglio was wrong? Those look VERY similar to the Taiwanese M16 Variants. Those handguards (elongated) are nearly unmistakable. Not sure if the butt stock was shaped like that though. errhhh. OK, appearently I moved too slow to post this. Never mind.
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:16:56 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:21:53 PM EDT
Hi, Yes, Imbro is right. Some more info: These are Taiwanese type 65's. The Type 65 is yet another rifle based on aspects of both the AR-15/M16 and the AR-18. In the case of the Type 65 the lower receiver was taken from the M16A1 and allied with the bolt, bolt carrier, and gas system of the AR-18; late-production examples reverted to the M16-pattern gas system. Receivers are machined from aluminum, while the barrel is identical to that of the M16. Several models of the Type 65 exist, with progressive improvements and changes, as production proved difficult and reliability for the early examples was unsatisfactory. Cheers, RG.nl
Link Posted: 6/4/2001 3:52:17 PM EDT
heh i wad gonna say there airsoft m16's
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