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Posted: 4/15/2003 5:37:19 PM EDT
[url][/url] I am thinking in advance for Christmas..and I think my father would LOVE one of these. He'll think I'm going overboard and a little out of my mind every bit as he will love something like this. My question anyone familiar with this company? My plan is to buy the cannon as well as the carriage hardware kit. I am looking for opinions on quality of all pieces. Sad thing that I think I will have to order one for myself as well. Thank you for your time.
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Posted: 4/16/2003 6:08:46 AM EDT
You post made me sad I will never have a kid that will buy me a cannon. It has to be the BEST present a son could buy for a dad. Good luck
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Posted: 4/16/2003 11:55:22 AM EDT
Pay careful attention to what the website says - unvented for liability reasons. Cast iron cannons have a tendency to burst, and Hern Iron Works obviously won't guarantee the safety of their cannon barrels to fire projectiles. That being said, I know that reenactor units will buy their barrels and use them to fire blank charges. Black powder cannons considered safe for firing are usually required to have a steel liner installed to reduce the risk of a barrel burst.