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Tactical Battle Bird
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Posted: 9/21/2013 7:34:33 PM EDT
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[Jump To Reply]Originally Posted By JAD762:
Originally Posted By Rifleguy81:
Originally Posted By JAD762:

Sure you do.

And the site you posted was a hit piece put up when they wouldn't do a guys event for free.

I am employed at the Christian organization...

With that said, feel free to find out the cost for yourself, since you seem to think it doesnt cost that much....

Phil Robertson

Still no payment info at link.

So you work for an org that demands people work for them for free because they "have enough money?" Goodyear luck to you in the future.

But I'll give you some free advice. Bashing people who don't come to your event is very unprofessional, and discourages future speakers from helping out of concern that you'll do the same to them. Not to mention how it reflects on the organization as a whole.

Not to mention that it's very...unchristian.
I found an article where Si refused something like 45k so the numbers in the op sound plausible edit it was I. The tennesean I think
"Do you want law enforcement people that will say, ‘I will do this, even though I know it’s wrong?’"-Sheriff Tim Howard
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Posted: 9/22/2013 7:02:26 AM EDT
Well I'd rather pay for Phill to speak at an event than say some other celebrity like Bill Clinton.

In a parallel universe you are making the wrong decision.
In a parallel universe you are making the right decision.
If you were in the universe known as ARFCOM you would "get both" and not worry about right or wrong.
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